I started doing storyboards, comps and animatics in 1993.  I knew nothing about how to do them, but I knew how to draw, so I jumped in.  I enjoyed it tremendously inspite of the short deadlines and fast turn around times.  I learned to think in 3 dimensions instead of static, posed bodies which I had done for 25 years as a fashion illustrator. 
All of these were done in pencil, Prismacolor pencil, and marker.
I now do everything digitally now- except for the pencils.
My commercial work can be seen here:

From a series for Pioneer Electrics

Ford meets Rhino/JWT Detroit 2004                  Alice Cooper proposed for Glad/Clorox products                             

World Soccer and VISA                                              Sprint PCS

This was from a series from the early 1990's ....I always liked it, even if I don't remember the product.

Dame Edna and Alice Cooper were from the same proposed series for Glad Wrap for DDB/SF

Recent piece for St. Ives

I also don't remember what this was for; this is a fast sketch style.

This is from a series which includes the one below, also, for Animal Planet TV

This was part of a storyboard series for Publicis/Hal Riney

a fast color sketch for Grant, Scott & Hurley in SF.

This robot was working out in the gym with his fellow robots/ Ford /JWT Detroit     This one is about the 200th anniversary of the founding of Wall Street; it is also a fast semi color/pencil sketch style.

One of a series for Briggs & Stratorn (Minneapolis)

Terry Bradshaw was the spokesman for Armor All, also a Clorox product, done for an animatic for DDB/SF in the early 1990's.