Prices* & Ordering

Fantasy Portraits:
(standard sizes are listed below - sizes are negotiable)

Prices start at $150 for a 7 X 9 color watercolor on paper
Harry_Potter_Fantasy.jpg 7x9 Example

Prices start at $500 for a 10" x 14" fantasy scene with subject on

illustration board in watercolor,  
Phil_Calvin_&_Hobbs_72_dpi.jpg 10"x14" example

Prices will start at $700 for a 20" x30" (Poster) fantasy scene with subjects on illustration board in watercolor,
Captain_Blood_revised.jpg     20" x30" Poster example

other Artwork
8" X 10"  Black & White Portraits
Prices will start at $175 for a black and white line drawing portrait.  
emily-bw-portrait.gif   Example of Black & White Line Drawing

8" X 10"  Photo to Art Color Drawing
Prices will start at $200 for a color line drawing from a photo.  Artwork will be on Duraleen....this is a transparent, luminous plastic paper.  Color is applied on the back of the drawing and it should be framed without backing between 2 sheets of glass or plexi in a free standing frame.

Aidan-Prismacolor.gif Example of Photo to Art PortraitAidan_photo_for_site.gif

Portraits and illustrations are done in marker, Prismacolor, watercolor, acrylics and pastels as well as pencil and conte' crayon (she does not work in oils).  Various papers are available including vellum, Duraleen (plastic), and other traditional sources such as Bristol, Watercolor and other acid free papers as well as illustration board.

*Prices can vary depending on the complexity of the art.
*prices are for unframed art.
*Electronic Right to the artwork is retained by the artist.
*The purchasers own the art and can reproduce it for their own use, but not  for commercial purposes.

1 - Email judiwood at fantasy-portrait dot com to discuss your needs.  You can email or mail photos for the design.

2 - Once I have the pictures I will approve the price and have you send a deposit via mail or via paypal.

3 - Next I will send you preliminary pencil drawings for approval

4 - Once I have completed the portrait, I will email you for final approval.  When the remainder of the balance is paid, the portrait will be sent to you via your choice of mail or fedex.


judiwood at fantasy-portrait dot com