I spent some time drawing models in an atelier situation through BACAA  http://www.linda.dulaney.com/id17.htm
We had north light and wonderful models...this is Roy.

Below are two of drawings of our model Walter.

Several prominent artists were the inspiration for these techniques: Anthony Ryder  http://www.tonyryder.com/ , Juan Carlos Martinez  http://www.juanmartinez.com/  from Toronto, and Ted Seth Jacobs, Ryder's teacher who taught at the Art Students League in NYC and now lives and teaches in France.


Swimming with Dolphins and Unicorns Fantasy Portrait

1991...My friend Ann (the Basenji Queen) suggested an idea of doing portraits in fantasy settings, and she proceeded to supply me with people and photographs to give it a try.  The idea of this was to be living in a fantasy world with dolphins and unicorns.....and basenji dogs!  I found inspiration in a place called Pergammon; the ruins were in an East Berlin museum and hadn't been seen in 25 years by anyone in the west.  It was originally in Asia Minor, deserted in the 3rd century AD....a perfect place to drop some fairies and assorted other improbable creatures living together.

In 2004, an art director I had worked with in SF wanted me to use the same idea for his family portrait, but it was 2005 before we were able to complete it.  Turns out people really DID want to live in this fantasy place!

Skywalker Fantasy Portrait


Well...going off planet with one's Basenji seems.....well, why not?


Egyptian Basenji Dog Fantasy


My friend Ann really IS queen of the Egyptian Basenjis

Egyptian Sphinx Shopping


A friend of mine worked at Nordstom's in cosmetics...this was her idea.  She had always identified with the Sphinx. All it needed was lipstick!  And wise men bringing more shopping bags.....

Boating at Giverny: Monet Fantasy

Some people want to own a Monet water lily painting...other's would like to float in one!

Pet Fantasy Portrait

        Movie Poster Fantasy


Reading Scifi to the Dragon Fantasy


This was also an homage to Maxfield Parrish;  Joan loves her Sci Fi, and I liked Parrish.

Flying Through Cartoon Space Fantasy


The following are children's fantasy ideas...including the big kid in the space ship....


Harry Potter Girl Fantasy


Indian Roots Fantasy


Navy Seals Fantasy


Princess Diaries Fantasy


Superhero Fantasy