Illustration Samples

This was done on mylar (frosted acetate) with marker on the back, and Prismacolor on the front. 

  Watercolor of red roses 1992


This small watercolor was done of my cousin's red angus bull as a present to him.


This large watercolor was done as a gift to a couple expecting their first child.


This was also done on mylar with marker and Prismacolor pencil.


Digital Art


This cat was rendered digitally in Painter.


This cat was for a Japanese beer bottle idea my daughter came up with.  It was done in Illustrator.

The bee was done in Illustrator.

These were done in an old Mac Claris program and drawn with a mouse!  I like the quality of them.


I think this was the same old kpainting program from around 1995.  I still like it.