Judi Wood has nearly 40 years of professional experience as an artist.  She grew up in Hawaii and remembers constantly drawing - even at three years old. Eventually she came to California and the Art Center School in Los Angeles. There she received her education and graduated with honors with a degree in Illustration. She worked for years as a fashion illustrator for major department stores in Los Angeles, Phoenix and the San Francisco Bay Area, until photography virtually eliminated that art. She currently works as a story board and animatic artist for numerous national advertising agencies.

Judi works in various media associated with illustration, as well as traditional media associated with conventional portrait work. She also works digitally with Photoshop, Illustrator and Painter.

Portraits and illustrations are done in pastels, silk screen, marker, Prismacolor, watercolor, acrylics and pastels as well as pencil and conte' crayon (she does not work in oils).  Various papers are available including vellum, Duraleen (plastic), and other traditional sources such as Bristol, Watercolor and other acid free papers as well as illustration board.